Exercise tip for the Ladies to get you in the groove

Exercise is a big commitment and me be really difficult when your life is so darn busy.  Many people new years resolution is to lose weight but sometimes the bar is set to high and becomes daunting.  Just to get off the sofa becomes a difficult state if you don’t get into the groove.  No sweat here are some tips.

Just do something that you enjoy doing that involves physical activity.  It may be a team sport or just leisurely swimming.  Yet the treated not as work but something fun to do.  Even dance classes with your girlfriends will do the job and get you out and about.  And hopefully that will motivate you to do even more physical activities that may seem foreign to you.  It is all about thing that first step.

Take advantages of smaller exercises as opposed to 45 minute exercise from the bat.  For example parking from a distance and shopping mall parking area so you’re forced to walk a bit even it is an extra five minutes.  Or even take the stairs in your apartment or workplace rather than taking the elevator.

If you’re under pressure at work or stress at home one not just leave the house and take a walk.  This way you can vent, take a deep breath, and walk for 15 to 30 minutes.  You will be amazed how much your head will be cleared.  It’s all about patients.

Get back to your sport that you love when you were younger by taking courses to reconnect yourself.  This is a good way to connect with your youth because is what you enjoy doing and it will be easy to get back into.

Remember all these tips do not have to cost money you can just head out to the park for a walk or do some stretches.  At the park bring your phone and get in exercise app or check out YouTube videos on meditation and stretching exercises.