What are the benefits of growing your own vegetables?

There is now greater awareness that humans need to not only change their lifestyle but also conserve fuel and protect the environment.  With the prices of gas going up, inflation rising on a weekly basis and with job insecurity, many people are now modifying their behaviors. One area where change in lifestyle has been gaining steam is growing one’s own vegetables. The first thing to know about growing vegetables at home is that it requires a lot of hard work. Secondly growing home vegetables is not difficult at all and can be performed by almost all people. If one remains motivated, growing vegetables at home has a lot of benefits.

What to know?

The one requirement for growing vegetables at home is a few square yards. Growing one’s own vegetables will improve your health because these foods are far more healthier than eating meat and processed foods that you buy in a grocery store.

The other advantage of growing one’s own vegetables and fruits is saving money. The saving can be enormous considering how expensive vegetables and fruits are in retail stores. More important if you grow enough vegetables, you can store them in the freezer.

Other benefits of growing home vegetables is that you can grow them without the use of pesticides and insecticides. You have no idea how the vegetables in a store are produced but when you grow them, you know exactly what the foods contain. Not using insecticides is of great benefit to the environment as it avoids pollution of the water and air. Your food will be fresh and ready to eat.

When you grow your own vegetables, you have the choice what you want to grow. There are many types of seeds for all types of vegetables. Depending on what type of seeds you plant, your food will be tastier and fresher than almost anything you can buy at the grocery store. You will not have to worry about the safety of your food since you know that there are no chemicals in it.

By growing your own vegetables and fruits you will reduce food wastage; every single day, people throw away a lot of food which has either gone bad or is not consumed. When you grow your own food you will appreciate the hard work and are more likely to take care of it by preserving it rather than waste it.


Growing vegetables and fruits at home is a lot of work and requires energy. This allows you to stay fit and healthy. In addition, outdoor physical activity will also allow you to enjoy nature, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

Remember prior to any physical activity, do perform stretching or warm up exercises for at least 5-10 mins- this will prevent any stiffness or muscle soreness later on.  If you are lady you can read my exercise articles tips.

Finally growing your own fruits and vegetables gives you a sense of pride. Watching the first vegetables grow is a very gratifying experience. After all the hard work, you can enjoy your fruits and vegetables and even share them with your friends and family.

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