Why my Family Members have Asthma?

I have several members of my family who suffer from asthma and I noticed that most of them or all of them, or quite overweight. I didn’t really think about it but reading this article online made a bit of sense.

Researchers in California discovered based on recent data that having asthma at a young age has a link to an increase of 50% of being over weight within the next decade of their life.

This stems from data of 2000 students from elementary school in the state of California. This result is quite substantial according to the senior author Dr. Gililand(Preventive Medicine Professor of Keck – Southern California).  A real data study unlike the last article I wrote about a broken heart(which btw I do believe because of stress).


The interesting component is that kids who had asthma but had access to “Rescued” inhalers had the opposite effect of a lower risk of being obese within the next 10 years. Individuals with asthma have a narrow airway which can commonly be inflamed leading to asthma attacks. Many of the common symptoms are shortness of breath, tightness of the chest and constant coughing. The symptoms are usually triggered by physical activities or irritants/dust/pollution in the air. To be diagnosed with asthma, usually the patient has to go through a physical/laboratory examination (lung monitoring of air flow and measuring intake of air), looking at their medical history data, allergy/blood test and an x-ray of the chest area.

Connections between Weight Gain and Asthma?

The prevalence of asthma and being obese has shot up dramatically in the last decades and many researchers believe there could be a connection. Looking at older research, it was the other way around where obese kids had a very high prevalence of asthma. This means there could be a biological connection. Understand that the study looked that the Association of the two and not necessarily a direct effect and cause situation.

This means that it is possible the connection be that younger asthma patients usually do not spend a lot of time outdoors with their peers leading to having lesser physical activity. This could be the reason of the weight gain because of the symptoms of asthma usually being triggered by irritants in the air and physical activity. Another factor to add is that many of the side effects of the medication that asthma sufferers are prescribed leads to weight gain.

At the national level it has been prevalent that many physicians are seeing the link between obesity and asthma. In many cases, the main reason could be that the inactivity in asthma patients is a leading cause of weight gain in many of the younger individuals. The issue is how does a asthma suffer get their daily or weekly physical activities in? One solution is to understand and learn when your asthma is at its highest risk(seasonal?) in order to find the right timing to exercise. You will need to consult with your health advisor or physician for more information on better time management and developing a schedule system plan.

Here are a few some facts on asthma

  • Children who are diagnosed with asthma usually happens before the the age of five.
  • Current treatment can make life easier since there is no cure yet.
  • It is estimated that they are over 200 million people affected with asthma.
  • Most Asthma deaths occur 80% in lower income nation because of the lack of medicine and treatment.