Getting your Young Children to Eat Healthier

Definitely when you have kids, you know the hardship associated with raising them but it is a worthwhile experience and totally worth it.  One of the hardships is trying to feed your kids things that are healthy.  Never mind the chasing and the mouth wiping that is needed on a daily basis.  Food preparation is nowadays really important because of the busy lives we live today.  Another problem is that we don’t have time to stay up to date on information, basically we are overloaded especially being a busy parent.  Feeding the kids healthy food is just another chore doesn’t it?  I know my cousin focuses on providing healthy eating to her young daughter and this in turn helped her Eczema.  Here are some tips that may relieve some of the information overload in hopes to get your kids on the healthy food train as I call it.

Number 1 Tip

First things first, don’t spend so much energy trying to clean up during the time they are eating.  You can do that after as much as it seems not right.  By doing this, you’re letting them eat on their own and providing the time for themselves.  They know when to stop eating and it is way better than see them not eating at all.  Let them explore their own surroundings while at the chair by giving them adult foods such as salads, noodles and soups.  Just give them a small sample on their plate and they will be interested.  Kids are curious as you must know that already.  This is very important to give those adult foods and foods that they aren’t used to.

When they get older, you will be able to easily give them any types of food and they will happily receive them.  If they were stuck with the same foods at a young age, they will turn into picky eater later on.  Nobody really likes picky eaters right?  Also try to add some home-cooked meals to their diet to get their pallets used to different flavors and spices in a slowly manner.  This will also give you insight on what your particular child likes to eat.

Number 2 Tip

Another tip is try to change the serving type of the meals.  You could use a juicer to mix the fruits together or make a smoothie instead of giving them the usual slices of fruits.  This will provide them with exploring different textures of food and aroma.  Another tip is may be make some vegetable soup instead of giving them raw or boil vegetables.  On that note make sure to learn about the benefits of having your own garden.

smootie kiwi mix

When you buy the foods for your children, make sure that many of them have different types of minerals and vitamins that are in them.  Purchase lots of colorful vegetables, lean meats, fish and many types of dairy products (be aware of their allergies).

Number 3 Tip

Another problem that I see many parents doing the past decade is letting their kids watch TV during main meals.  It is fine during snack time, but not during for example dinner.  This really depends on the family but it seems based on research that eating together as a family at the table is a good way to get them to be interactive.  It also provides the parents to observe their kids eating habits.  Children who watch their parents eat different foods will likely do the same but this cannot be done easily in front of the TV.  You can also observe if they are eating at a good pace or if they’re stuffing food down their throats.  They must learn to eat slowly in order to be healthy in the long run.