Beware of Healthy Choices because they will Jack up your Calories

The most difficult part of trying to eat well and make the healthy choices is that there are so many variables that we need to understand in order to have that happy life.  You have done everything from cutting sugars, carbs and sugar out of your diet still you feel that you’re missing something.  The good news is that you are on the right path but you still need to consume the calories needed for your body to function.  This is my issue because I was felt tired because I cut a lot of foods out of my diet but I didn’t add enough calories to my body.

You have to be careful as well on how much calories you consume in a day.  On average for a lady it is best to stick around 1200 cal per day in order to lose weight but to maintain your weight, it is best to hover around the 1500 cal.

The Surprise – Beware of these Foods

There is one food ingredient that got me by surprise as I thought it was minimal in calorie count and it’s that of peanut butter.  I like to spread it on my toast and it is indeed healthy for us especially for kids, but spreading one slice of toast amounts to 150 cal already.  And usually for the average human and I’m talk about you, we usually have at least two slice of toast right?  So the total amount for this peanut butter toast sandwich is around 300 cal.  I just want you to be aware of this especially for most spreads as they can add the calorie count.

From researching another article I was surprised to see that bread that is considered low-carb has apparently more carbs than your average mixed grain variety of bread.  Another interesting vegetable(*grow your own) or fruit as I’m not sure what category it fits in, is the avocado.  This popular ingredient has increased in popularity over the last couple years.  But did you know one avocado of the average size has over 300 cal ?  And sometimes we make dip in our household and we certainly use more than one avocado.  You can easily increase the calorie count without knowing it when you are putting avocado down your system.

Before I end this article I forgot to mention how much calories the average male need on a daily basis.  In order to maintain your weight as a male it is good to consume around 2500 cal.  And if you’re trying to lose weight, it is best to hover around the 2000 cal mark.  Understand that for both male and female there are so many variables to know and these calorie counts are used for the average person.  If you’re concerned or have question please consult with a specialist or your health physician.