Turkey Price to Jack Up – Pick it one up Now

Thanksgivings coming up and what is the most iconic food on the special occasion?

It’s obviously turkey and by the way it was a trick question. The problem with this is the obvious price hike when Thanksgiving is around the corner. Turkeys typically cost around $12-$14 for a regular size 16 pounder but during Thanksgiving it can jump all the up to $40-$50. Price pretty much varies depending if you’re looking for a free range turkey as this will be much expensive.

It is better to get your turkey before it’s too close to Thanksgiving, maybe around two weeks before the rush. This only works if you have a large enough freezer to store your turkey.

A good side dish to your turkey is a salad. I found a recipe that uses fresh fall ingredients. There are three main ones and they are persimmons, pomegranates and fennel. The fennel helps with digestion and persimmons/pomegranates have other health benefits. Persimmons will give it a little crunch while the pomegranates have the seedy sweetness. You will need two persimmons, a large fennel, half a cup of pomegranate and some toasted hazelnuts.

It’s pretty easy to put together just make sure to mix all the liquids into a bowl and in another bowl chop up the vegetables. In chop up vegetable bowl add some squeeze orange juice about a 3rd cup. Make sure to add a half cup of virgin olive oil and some hazelnuts to the mix. Season the whole bowl with some salt and pepper.

Now a trick to toaster hazelnuts is to make it in the oven. To do this you will need a baking sheet. Add the hazelnuts to the sheet make sure they are spread out pretty evenly. Then bake it for eight minutes at 300°. Once or twice you can open the oven and give it a good shake, this will help with the browning.

Keeping Her Happy!

It is very true when it comes to the difference between a man and woman. We have known this all throughout human kind, but a book from a decade ago became very popular in pop culture. You have probably heard of it as is called men are from Mars and girls are from Venus.

This has played a big role in courting the opposite sex because he seemed to be confused no matter how much data is collected and analyzed. The only thing that we have to understand or agree on is the fact both sexes think differently.

woman happy

Based on some research one main difference is that ladies are better at your location and this is observed at the very young age.

Boys at a young age wind conversation very boring and tend to play sports or toys. Also men tend to think in a linear way when they are multiple problems. They can easily dissect the problem and work from beginning to end. Ladies on the other hand can simultaneously incur information from multiple sources and have a global perspective in connecting the sources

Also an important aspect to recognize is equality: meaning equal opportunity. We have come a long way for equality but many countries is not the case.

The site is dedicated for men or ladies interested in keeping their woman happy. There been tips on romance but mostly on interesting products to give as gifts.
So I hope you will enjoy the site and as they say a happy wife is a happy life.