Best Dating Ideas in 2022

Being single is never easy, but it can get even tougher when you aren’t able to meet anyone. This can make it difficult to feel excited about the future and to hope that something good will come your way soon. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help ease the pain. For example, going on a date once every few weeks may not sound like much, but it will go a long way in helping you feel confident again.

The key is to focus on activities that are less stressful for your social life and more enjoyable for you as an individual. For example, joining a casual club or volunteering at an animal shelter are both great ways of making friends without having to worry about meeting someone new afterward. Another idea is going on a short trip with friends or family members – something cheap that doesn’t require too much planning beforehand. Even simply hanging out at home with a book or watching movies together with your other friends will be enough when it comes to improving your social life. Read More

Are you ready for Daylight Savings Time’s this weekend

The Sunday is the dreaded daylight savings time where you have to push the clock forward by an hour unlike in the fall .  This is dependent on your area but most North Americans will have to deal with the feeling of getting up hour earlier to go to work.  Not loved by many and the majority of us are confuse on what’s the point of doing this?

Less Electricity?

There are some who say that it provides the country the upper hand on saving energy.  Strange isn’t it?  The saying goes is that there is an assumption by having a longer hours in the summer day leading to more sunlight will make the population reduced energy use.  This myth seems odd and it may go back several decades back because it apparently doesn’t hold true.

From a business article I was reading, the American Congress started to implement day-light savings time during both World Wars because of this hypothesis.  Ever since then, we have been stuck with this notion of daylight savings time.  There was a study done in order to figure out if this hypothesis was somewhat true in base from the results it stated that there was only savings of .03% per year.  Another study from the state of Indiana back in 2006, researchers saw a spike in electricity use and rose by 1 to 4% depending on the season (high percentage in the fall).

Increase in Exercise?

One study focused on kids to see if there is more exercise being done in the summer with the longer days.  This was held true in a study from Britain but from another study from the States had reported that there was an increase of heart attacks by 10%.  This is being quite knit picky now because we can find one positive and another negative on the benefits of pushing the hour ahead and back.

What the People are Saying

A little more than a third of the population think it’s worth the effort to change the clocks but this has been on the decline.  The year before close to 45% thought was worth it.

Getting your Young Children to Eat Healthier

Definitely when you have kids, you know the hardship associated with raising them but it is a worthwhile experience and totally worth it.  One of the hardships is trying to feed your kids things that are healthy.  Never mind the chasing and the mouth wiping that is needed on a daily basis.  Food preparation is nowadays really important because of the busy lives we live today.  Another problem is that we don’t have time to stay up to date on information, basically we are overloaded especially being a busy parent.  Feeding the kids healthy food is just another chore doesn’t it?  I know my cousin focuses on providing healthy eating to her young daughter and this in turn helped her Eczema.  Here are some tips that may relieve some of the information overload in hopes to get your kids on the healthy food train as I call it.

Number 1 Tip

First things first, don’t spend so much energy trying to clean up during the time they are eating.  You can do that after as much as it seems not right.  By doing this, you’re letting them eat on their own and providing the time for themselves.  They know when to stop eating and it is way better than see them not eating at all.  Let them explore their own surroundings while at the chair by giving them adult foods such as salads, noodles and soups.  Just give them a small sample on their plate and they will be interested.  Kids are curious as you must know that already.  This is very important to give those adult foods and foods that they aren’t used to.

When they get older, you will be able to easily give them any types of food and they will happily receive them.  If they were stuck with the same foods at a young age, they will turn into picky eater later on.  Nobody really likes picky eaters right?  Also try to add some home-cooked meals to their diet to get their pallets used to different flavors and spices in a slowly manner.  This will also give you insight on what your particular child likes to eat.

Number 2 Tip

Another tip is try to change the serving type of the meals.  You could use a juicer to mix the fruits together or make a smoothie instead of giving them the usual slices of fruits.  This will provide them with exploring different textures of food and aroma.  Another tip is may be make some vegetable soup instead of giving them raw or boil vegetables.  On that note make sure to learn about the benefits of having your own garden.

smootie kiwi mix

When you buy the foods for your children, make sure that many of them have different types of minerals and vitamins that are in them.  Purchase lots of colorful vegetables, lean meats, fish and many types of dairy products (be aware of their allergies).

Number 3 Tip

Another problem that I see many parents doing the past decade is letting their kids watch TV during main meals.  It is fine during snack time, but not during for example dinner.  This really depends on the family but it seems based on research that eating together as a family at the table is a good way to get them to be interactive.  It also provides the parents to observe their kids eating habits.  Children who watch their parents eat different foods will likely do the same but this cannot be done easily in front of the TV.  You can also observe if they are eating at a good pace or if they’re stuffing food down their throats.  They must learn to eat slowly in order to be healthy in the long run.

What are the benefits of growing your own vegetables?

There is now greater awareness that humans need to not only change their lifestyle but also conserve fuel and protect the environment.  With the prices of gas going up, inflation rising on a weekly basis and with job insecurity, many people are now modifying their behaviors. One area where change in lifestyle has been gaining steam is growing one’s own vegetables. The first thing to know about growing vegetables at home is that it requires a lot of hard work. Secondly growing home vegetables is not difficult at all and can be performed by almost all people. If one remains motivated, growing vegetables at home has a lot of benefits.

What to know?

The one requirement for growing vegetables at home is a few square yards. Growing one’s own vegetables will improve your health because these foods are far more healthier than eating meat and processed foods that you buy in a grocery store.

The other advantage of growing one’s own vegetables and fruits is saving money. The saving can be enormous considering how expensive vegetables and fruits are in retail stores. More important if you grow enough vegetables, you can store them in the freezer.

Other benefits of growing home vegetables is that you can grow them without the use of pesticides and insecticides. You have no idea how the vegetables in a store are produced but when you grow them, you know exactly what the foods contain. Not using insecticides is of great benefit to the environment as it avoids pollution of the water and air. Your food will be fresh and ready to eat.

When you grow your own vegetables, you have the choice what you want to grow. There are many types of seeds for all types of vegetables. Depending on what type of seeds you plant, your food will be tastier and fresher than almost anything you can buy at the grocery store. You will not have to worry about the safety of your food since you know that there are no chemicals in it.

By growing your own vegetables and fruits you will reduce food wastage; every single day, people throw away a lot of food which has either gone bad or is not consumed. When you grow your own food you will appreciate the hard work and are more likely to take care of it by preserving it rather than waste it.


Growing vegetables and fruits at home is a lot of work and requires energy. This allows you to stay fit and healthy. In addition, outdoor physical activity will also allow you to enjoy nature, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

Remember prior to any physical activity, do perform stretching or warm up exercises for at least 5-10 mins- this will prevent any stiffness or muscle soreness later on.  If you are lady you can read my exercise articles tips.

Finally growing your own fruits and vegetables gives you a sense of pride. Watching the first vegetables grow is a very gratifying experience. After all the hard work, you can enjoy your fruits and vegetables and even share them with your friends and family.


Discovering ideal plane tickets for summer season traveling

As people begin to travel during the summer season, a dispute is increasing in regards to whether airline companies have any budget friendly alternatives this year.

Airline companies state the Web and apps have actually made prices cheaper and easy to find.

Customer supporters as well as legislators respond to that expensive cost or additions to added legroom– an expanding component of the price of a journey are these little perks.  Sometimes there is no support from the airline companies when the ticket is purchased through a third-party.  Of course airline companies advise people to purchase tickets to their website.

Some old methods are declining as a result of modifications in the method airline companies run.

The idea that Wednesday (or Tuesday) is the most amazing day to get your ticket isn’t really working nowadays as compared to couple years ago. As even more airline companies base commitment programs on just how much you invest, not the amount of miles you fly, it has actually ended up being harder for several recreation tourists to gain cost-free trips.

Suggestions from traveling professionals:

  1. Know what includes in your ticket because it is usually printed in fine print as well as the airline company site. An inexpensive ticket that does not consist of those checked-luggage may not be such a deal.
  2. Delta Air Lines (as well as quickly American as well as United) has a reduced “standard economic” price. “It looks economical, yet it’s is limitations to it.  It is difficult to alter your ticket, sometimes you don’t have a reserved seat, and you may have to pay to get this. It’s caveat for a cheap ticket.
  3. Be versatile with locations as well as days. Traveling to small locations will certainly probably be much cheaper as well as much less crowded in the months of September and even August compared to in July.  So basically anytime when the school year is running.
  4. Inspect the spending of the airline companies. If you’re flying to Europe this year, Iceland’s WOW air as well as Norwegian Air Shuttle bus have actually included options throughout the Atlantic with cheap direct flights to major cities.
  5. Always make a habit to use your airline points or credit cards that will get you points.  This will help you save money down the road as you can purchase a free ticket or even upgrade to first class.

Keeping Her Happy!

It is very true when it comes to the difference between a man and woman. We have known this all throughout human kind, but a book from a decade ago became very popular in pop culture. You have probably heard of it as is called men are from Mars and girls are from Venus.

This has played a big role in courting the opposite sex because he seemed to be confused no matter how much data is collected and analyzed. The only thing that we have to understand or agree on is the fact both sexes think differently.

woman happy

Based on some research one main difference is that ladies are better at your location and this is observed at the very young age.

Boys at a young age wind conversation very boring and tend to play sports or toys. Also men tend to think in a linear way when they are multiple problems. They can easily dissect the problem and work from beginning to end. Ladies on the other hand can simultaneously incur information from multiple sources and have a global perspective in connecting the sources

Also an important aspect to recognize is equality: meaning equal opportunity. We have come a long way for equality but many countries is not the case.

The site is dedicated for men or ladies interested in keeping their woman happy. There been tips on romance but mostly on interesting products to give as gifts.
So I hope you will enjoy the site and as they say a happy wife is a happy life.