Listerine helps fight gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea along with Chlamydia is one of the leading STDs among young people.  Gonorrhea rates in the world have apparently increased especially among men who are not protecting themselves with condoms.  Both can be cured by taking the necessary medicine provided by your medical facility.  The symptoms varied so if you feel that you may have it because of recent sexual encounter please seek medical advice from a professional and get tested.
The reason I am speaking of gonorrhea because I was looking at mouthwash to purchase online and discovered one brand that had a statement on it that mentions it can cure gonorrhea.  How is this possible?

Upon further research I found an article by Web MD that speaks of this mouthwash.  The brand of mouthwash is Listerine which you probably have heard of.  If you didn’t know the company of Listerine has stated that it cures gonorrhea all the way back to the 1880s.  I’m shocked!

Researchers have looked at the efficiency to see if it does his job.  In recent laboratory test looking at particularly the 22% alcohol version of Listerine, has shown that it has reduced the levels of the bacterial of gonorrhea.  Another test compared individuals whom tested positive for gonorrhea in their mouths who used a salt solution versus the Listerine solution by gargling it for one minute.  What they discovered five minutes later after doing a culture test is that the gonorrhea in those who use Listerine found a gonorrhea culture of 52% versus 80% that used the salt solution.

So it seems there is a positive claim of Listerine reducing the culture bacteria but actually curing it might be a different story.  As stated by Web MD I larger study is on its way based on the preliminary findings that I just tension above.  In conclusion if you test positive for gonorrhea seek medical help immediately and get the proper medicine to treat it.

Natural Treatments for Eczema That One Should Know?

Nowadays are so many different treatments on the market to help alleviate eczema.  What has become popular are the so-called natural treatments for this skin conditions.  Many are treating their eczema simply at their homes following a more natural way following different skin tips found in Tv and the internet.  Many of whom have a change of lifestyle were they are more focused on living a more healthier one by eating good foods and doing some exercise.  Also let’s not forget the mental aspect of simply living a non-stressful life.

What are some natural treatments for your baby?

The baby industry is a large one and parents would spend lots of money no matter the price in order to provide the best healthy lifestyle.  One popular ingredient on the market is tea tree where the oil is used in bathing.  Other types of oils that are popular are Aloe Vera, olive oil and witch hazel.  All of these oils when used in the bath water, provide a soothing factor in help alleviate any kind itching.

Also look into vegetables and help treating eczema.  Try to add lots of greens into your everyday diet such as spinach, broccoli or kale.  It is very simple actually just head to the vegetable section and look for anything that is green.  Always avoid canned foods or canned vegetables because they have so much bad additives that is it good for you.  This in turn affects the skin health.

Adult treatments

The first check is to look into your diet.  Make sure to remove any kind of ingredients that you could be allergic to.  Go get an allergy test and talk with your dermatologist on what symptoms to look out for.  Another tip is to have a little notebook to write down the foods you eat.  This sort of notebook journal will guide you if you have a episode of eczema as you can refer back to see what you have eaten.  The same goes for any liquids you consume or any cosmetics that you apply on your skin.

Some very common symptoms that you will find when you have an allergic reaction is redness, swelling and itchiness around the area affected.  The symptoms will proceeded by other factors that could increase or heighten eczema such as itchy eyes, abdominal pains and sneezing.

Also look into the type of detergent you are using to wash your clothes.  There may be some irritants in the detergent that may affect you.  It is best to go for the non-fragrance types.

Another tip is to remember to always wash your hands after eating but only using soaps and not those antibiotic kinds.

Depending on the season the weather will affect your eczema so be aware of this.  During the winter times this is when you’re clothing choice will change to a more thicker material such as wool.  In actuality will make you more itchy are so stick with cotton and dress in layers to keep warm.

Other recommendations are to be active and exercise as this will help you blood flow through your veins.  This will help boost your immune system to more of an efficient level.

Tips On How To Relieve Dry Skin

One of the most common skin conditions is dry skin. Anyone can get it, and while it may be a mild, temporary condition at the first glance, it can become more severe over the long term long-term if it isn’t cured or prevented.

Most common symptoms of dry skin include skin tightness and physical discomfort. If it becomes a long-term problem, it can even produce blotchy patches on your skin, leave visible scars and age your skin much faster. Skin wrinkles might even get produced because of prolonged exposure to this condition.

There are only simple measures that need to be taken if you get dry and rough skin. It can be medicated quickly as long as it is attended as soon as possible. Simple actions that can prevent it include not using irritating fabrics or by using skin products which includes lead that using a lotion that can bring back your skin moisture.

Any Cures?

While dry skin can be harmless at first glance, it can evolve into something more agitating if not attended for a long while. Here are some fool-proof tips that can help cure you improve your skin’s dryness:

  1. Colder Baths and Faster Showers – If you already have dry and rough skin, you need to take some time off when you use hot showers. Hot showers can only worsen your condition because it would continue to take out the moisture of your skin. You should also limit your time in the shower because longer shower durations can irritate your skin.showerhead
  2. Maintaining Good Skin Care Routine – Having a dry skin can make your skin feels rough and aged. To solve this problem, you need to make sure that you use skincare products ingredients will not harm your skin. Please read the ingredients carefully to make sure you are not allergic to any of it.  Using such products would be able to return your skin’s moisture levels to normal after a few days of use. You should also make sure that you don’t limit your skincare routine to your body. Give similar care and attention to your face so that it won’t have dry patches of skin.
  3. Use of Unscented Products – When you choose your skincare products, try to purchase products that are unscented. Scented products contain too much chemicals, and it would not be able to help your dry skin. In fact, it may worsen your skin condition.
  4. Use Moisturizers Regularly – For people who don’t have drier skin, it’s not necessary to use moisturizers more than one time daily. But for individuals who experience having dry skin, it would be better if you use moisturizers at timed intervals. After a few hours, apply moisturizers so that it can regulate your skin moisture. Make sure that you also use moisturizers when you feel your skin tightening or when you feel like your skin is irritated.
  5. Stay Warm, But Not Too Warm – Increasing your body warmth can improve your skin condition. When your skin is warm enough to create moisture, it won’t dry out. But even as you stay warm, make sure that you don’t take the brunt of the heat. It’s not only low temperatures that are harmful to your skin – high temperatures are also responsible for drying out your skin.blanket
  6. Meet A Dermatologist – In case you get severe dry skin conditions where lotions or creams are not helping, it may be the time for you to meet a dermatologist before your skin takes on further damage. Ask for a skin check-up from your dermatologist and follow through with the treatments and the medications that will be provided to you. Severe skin condition needs specialized treatment, depending on the severity.

Prevention Of Dry-Skin

As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Since relieving it would need medications and procedures before it can be fully healed or momentarily stopped, preventing dry skin would be able to save you from the hassles that come with medicating your condition.

Here are the most common causes of the skin condition and tips to prevent them:

  • Cold Weather – When the weather turns cold, and the temperature drops, the humidity level of your location also falls. Because there is minimal moisture in the air, chances of drying your skin are increased because your skin would be parched. To prevent this situation, turn up your heater or cover yourself in a blanket to keep yourself warm and the air around you humid.
  • Heated Showers – If you like using hot water whenever you bathe, there is a greater chance for you to making your skin worse. Hot water may let you feel refreshed, but it also dries out your skin in the process. If you really like taking hot baths, then you should make sure that you can alternate warm and hot water. Aside from that, make sure that you don’t stay too long in hot showers.
  • Loss of Skin Moisture – If you are the type to change hurriedly into your clothes after you bath, it may be time to change that habit. If you don’t lock in the moisture that your skin got from your bath, it would eventually turn dry. After taking a shower, make sure that you use a lotion that can lock the moistures to your skin so that you can prevent it from getting dry.
  • Skin Aging – There is no cure for skin aging, there is only prevention. If you don’t want to let your skin get parched by the time you reach an older age, then it is the time to maximize your utilities so that you can minimize skin aging. To prevent your skin from aging badly, make sure that you start every morning with an appropriate skin care. Use face and body creams after you wash up so that moisture would continuously be locked into your skin. Using products that have alpha-hydroxy acids and retinol can help you decrease the chances of dry skin in the long run.
  • Skin Allergies And Irritants – To prevent yourself from getting dry patches of skin, make sure that the clothing that you wear does not have any materials that can irritate your skin. Wear clothing with fabrics and products that make your skin feel comfortable.
  • Eat Healthy Vegetables – There are some research that shows the benefits of vegetables along with fruits to our skin.  Eating green leafy vegetables especially organic or growing your own is the best way to have beautiful skin.

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What are the benefits of growing your own vegetables?

There is now greater awareness that humans need to not only change their lifestyle but also conserve fuel and protect the environment.  With the prices of gas going up, inflation rising on a weekly basis and with job insecurity, many people are now modifying their behaviors. One area where change in lifestyle has been gaining steam is growing one’s own vegetables. The first thing to know about growing vegetables at home is that it requires a lot of hard work. Secondly growing home vegetables is not difficult at all and can be performed by almost all people. If one remains motivated, growing vegetables at home has a lot of benefits.

What to know?

The one requirement for growing vegetables at home is a few square yards. Growing one’s own vegetables will improve your health because these foods are far more healthier than eating meat and processed foods that you buy in a grocery store.

The other advantage of growing one’s own vegetables and fruits is saving money. The saving can be enormous considering how expensive vegetables and fruits are in retail stores. More important if you grow enough vegetables, you can store them in the freezer.

Other benefits of growing home vegetables is that you can grow them without the use of pesticides and insecticides. You have no idea how the vegetables in a store are produced but when you grow them, you know exactly what the foods contain. Not using insecticides is of great benefit to the environment as it avoids pollution of the water and air. Your food will be fresh and ready to eat.

When you grow your own vegetables, you have the choice what you want to grow. There are many types of seeds for all types of vegetables. Depending on what type of seeds you plant, your food will be tastier and fresher than almost anything you can buy at the grocery store. You will not have to worry about the safety of your food since you know that there are no chemicals in it.

By growing your own vegetables and fruits you will reduce food wastage; every single day, people throw away a lot of food which has either gone bad or is not consumed. When you grow your own food you will appreciate the hard work and are more likely to take care of it by preserving it rather than waste it.


Growing vegetables and fruits at home is a lot of work and requires energy. This allows you to stay fit and healthy. In addition, outdoor physical activity will also allow you to enjoy nature, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

Remember prior to any physical activity, do perform stretching or warm up exercises for at least 5-10 mins- this will prevent any stiffness or muscle soreness later on.  If you are lady you can read my exercise articles tips.

Finally growing your own fruits and vegetables gives you a sense of pride. Watching the first vegetables grow is a very gratifying experience. After all the hard work, you can enjoy your fruits and vegetables and even share them with your friends and family.


Exercise tip for the Ladies to get you in the groove

Exercise is a big commitment and me be really difficult when your life is so darn busy.  Many people new years resolution is to lose weight but sometimes the bar is set to high and becomes daunting.  Just to get off the sofa becomes a difficult state if you don’t get into the groove.  No sweat here are some tips.

Just do something that you enjoy doing that involves physical activity.  It may be a team sport or just leisurely swimming.  Yet the treated not as work but something fun to do.  Even dance classes with your girlfriends will do the job and get you out and about.  And hopefully that will motivate you to do even more physical activities that may seem foreign to you.  It is all about thing that first step.

Take advantages of smaller exercises as opposed to 45 minute exercise from the bat.  For example parking from a distance and shopping mall parking area so you’re forced to walk a bit even it is an extra five minutes.  Or even take the stairs in your apartment or workplace rather than taking the elevator.

If you’re under pressure at work or stress at home one not just leave the house and take a walk.  This way you can vent, take a deep breath, and walk for 15 to 30 minutes.  You will be amazed how much your head will be cleared.  It’s all about patients.

Get back to your sport that you love when you were younger by taking courses to reconnect yourself.  This is a good way to connect with your youth because is what you enjoy doing and it will be easy to get back into.

Remember all these tips do not have to cost money you can just head out to the park for a walk or do some stretches.  At the park bring your phone and get in exercise app or check out YouTube videos on meditation and stretching exercises.

Discovering ideal plane tickets for summer season traveling

As people begin to travel during the summer season, a dispute is increasing in regards to whether airline companies have any budget friendly alternatives this year.

Airline companies state the Web and apps have actually made prices cheaper and easy to find.

Customer supporters as well as legislators respond to that expensive cost or additions to added legroom– an expanding component of the price of a journey are these little perks.  Sometimes there is no support from the airline companies when the ticket is purchased through a third-party.  Of course airline companies advise people to purchase tickets to their website.

Some old methods are declining as a result of modifications in the method airline companies run.

The idea that Wednesday (or Tuesday) is the most amazing day to get your ticket isn’t really working nowadays as compared to couple years ago. As even more airline companies base commitment programs on just how much you invest, not the amount of miles you fly, it has actually ended up being harder for several recreation tourists to gain cost-free trips.

Suggestions from traveling professionals:

  1. Know what includes in your ticket because it is usually printed in fine print as well as the airline company site. An inexpensive ticket that does not consist of those checked-luggage may not be such a deal.
  2. Delta Air Lines (as well as quickly American as well as United) has a reduced “standard economic” price. “It looks economical, yet it’s is limitations to it.  It is difficult to alter your ticket, sometimes you don’t have a reserved seat, and you may have to pay to get this. It’s caveat for a cheap ticket.
  3. Be versatile with locations as well as days. Traveling to small locations will certainly probably be much cheaper as well as much less crowded in the months of September and even August compared to in July.  So basically anytime when the school year is running.
  4. Inspect the spending of the airline companies. If you’re flying to Europe this year, Iceland’s WOW air as well as Norwegian Air Shuttle bus have actually included options throughout the Atlantic with cheap direct flights to major cities.
  5. Always make a habit to use your airline points or credit cards that will get you points.  This will help you save money down the road as you can purchase a free ticket or even upgrade to first class.

Tourism in the Caribbean can be a Dangerous Area

What a lot of people don’t know is that the Caribbean islands have issue in terms of crime against travelers.  This is scary because there is a sense-of-security and many people feel that the area is much different than that of Mexico. The beauty of Caribbean islands which includes a many beautiful beaches, great sunshine, and the azures waters.  People dream of leaving work to vacation in the Caribbean for relaxation

There has been the cases of tourists being murdered as it happened a couple weekends ago in Granada where a lady was killed walking down the beach. The key thing is to understand that you have to have common knowledge and don’t lose your sense of security just because you are in a beautiful paradise.

There has been documented crime even on cruise ships traveling through the Caribbean, as some observers have pointed out that it’s pretty dangerous region.

What is startling is the statistics of murder as it is higher than that of any city in the United States.

This shouldn’t stop the traveler from going to the Caribbean because it’s no different than travelling anywhere else in the world that has some sort of poverty or being a 2nd/3rd world country. The Traveler needs to pay due diligence and study the area they are traveling to.


Turkey Price to Jack Up – Pick it one up Now

Thanksgivings coming up and what is the most iconic food on the special occasion?

It’s obviously turkey and by the way it was a trick question. The problem with this is the obvious price hike when Thanksgiving is around the corner. Turkeys typically cost around $12-$14 for a regular size 16 pounder but during Thanksgiving it can jump all the up to $40-$50. Price pretty much varies depending if you’re looking for a free range turkey as this will be much expensive.

It is better to get your turkey before it’s too close to Thanksgiving, maybe around two weeks before the rush. This only works if you have a large enough freezer to store your turkey.

A good side dish to your turkey is a salad. I found a recipe that uses fresh fall ingredients. There are three main ones and they are persimmons, pomegranates and fennel. The fennel helps with digestion and persimmons/pomegranates have other health benefits. Persimmons will give it a little crunch while the pomegranates have the seedy sweetness. You will need two persimmons, a large fennel, half a cup of pomegranate and some toasted hazelnuts.

It’s pretty easy to put together just make sure to mix all the liquids into a bowl and in another bowl chop up the vegetables. In chop up vegetable bowl add some squeeze orange juice about a 3rd cup. Make sure to add a half cup of virgin olive oil and some hazelnuts to the mix. Season the whole bowl with some salt and pepper.

Now a trick to toaster hazelnuts is to make it in the oven. To do this you will need a baking sheet. Add the hazelnuts to the sheet make sure they are spread out pretty evenly. Then bake it for eight minutes at 300°. Once or twice you can open the oven and give it a good shake, this will help with the browning.

Keeping Her Happy!

It is very true when it comes to the difference between a man and woman. We have known this all throughout human kind, but a book from a decade ago became very popular in pop culture. You have probably heard of it as is called men are from Mars and girls are from Venus.

This has played a big role in courting the opposite sex because he seemed to be confused no matter how much data is collected and analyzed. The only thing that we have to understand or agree on is the fact both sexes think differently.

woman happy

Based on some research one main difference is that ladies are better at your location and this is observed at the very young age.

Boys at a young age wind conversation very boring and tend to play sports or toys. Also men tend to think in a linear way when they are multiple problems. They can easily dissect the problem and work from beginning to end. Ladies on the other hand can simultaneously incur information from multiple sources and have a global perspective in connecting the sources

Also an important aspect to recognize is equality: meaning equal opportunity. We have come a long way for equality but many countries is not the case.

The site is dedicated for men or ladies interested in keeping their woman happy. There been tips on romance but mostly on interesting products to give as gifts.
So I hope you will enjoy the site and as they say a happy wife is a happy life.